Public Talks – 2: Discovering


Swami Dayananda

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| 1st ed., Date: 2006, 180 pp., PB |
* Two Talk Series’s given by Pujya Swamiji Dayananda in Chennai for Meaningful Living. The discovery of love is more understanding what it is and it is not. Once one knows what it is, it can be guarded and nursed In his talks, Swami Dayananda leads us to an intimate understaning of the experience of love that everyone has, and shows us the way to avoid all the inhibiting factors. Success and failure are relative terms. When desires become demands, we think that unless we fulfil them we are not sucessful. Swamiji says,”when you prectice what is right even though you do not like doing it, and avoid what is wrong, even though you want to do it, you slowly chnage, Later, you find yourself in a position where what is to be done is what you like to do and what is not to be done is what yhou do not like to do. That is , indeed, asuccessful life”.

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